Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Desolate One Interview

A while back, I conducted an interview with Montandon of Desolate One, a short lived project that released two demos, both ripe with the anger of solitary individuals so often ignored by the establishment. I did review their two awesome demos, the first demo, the self titled Desolate One, and the second bombardment, Desecrate The Night, both are most likely totally sold out now, with little chance of being found outside trade forums and little known tape distributors.

CT: How did Desolate One arise from the graves to spew forth such vile music?

M: I was a pissed off 14 year old that was listening to an unhealthy amount of early black and death metal demos. The first few songs were really undeveloped, but I think they had a good spirit. Nothing very original, but I enjoy the early demos.

CT: Tell us about your two demos?

M: Well the first one is self-titled, recorded early 2009, and released June 2009. It lacks bass guitar, and I didn't pay much attention to mixing it well. Also, I wasn't very good at drums at the time. The second demo, Desecrate the Night, is a much rawer experiment, borderlining on pure noise during some sections. It shows lots of untapped potential. My personal favorite track is the final "Serpent's Blood", which was supposed to have vocals, but I never could arrange a meeting with the session vocalist, Possessor. Again, I play all instruments, though the insert lists "Magus of Hades" on bass.

CT:  Both of the demos were released on Darkness Shade Records. How has DSR been to work with? Are you happy with the promotion that the label did for the Desolate One releases?

M: Well, I haven't contacted DSR since January. I'm thankful to the label for doing exactly what I had asked them, they simply printed some demos and sold them all. But, they couldn't go the next step and print 500 or so copies, they don't have the means of selling that many tapes, which would stay in stock for months. As far as I know, Desecrate the Night will be the last Desolate One release on the label, but maybe I will do more, who knows?

CT: What would you describe as the central component to Desolate One's odor that makes each song reek of the blasphemies of a by-gone era? What previous hordes have influences these characteristic scents?

M: Well the obvious band is Blasphemy, however, newer material is becoming more distanced from that classic Fallen Angel of Doom sound. It's definitely not "war metal" anymore. The vital recordings that influence my sound are the classic Wrath of the Tyrant demo, the perverted Beherit demos, Infester's record, Morbid Visions, Haunting the Chapel, early Graveland, shit like that. Anything that sounds warlike.

CT: What is your opinion of the tape format? Both demos were released on this format.

M: I personally don't give a fuck. Though, this is the preferred format for extreme metal demos right now. This is what distros want to stock, so tape is what I print. I like it for the longer running time, and more classy packaging.

CT: I see that you are looking for a live drummer. Has the search for a drummer been difficult? When you find a drummer, what kind of plans do you have to play live? Will you tour, do some select shows? Is there a chance that Desolate One will come to the east coast to play?

M: It's been extremely difficult. I'd like somebody from my hometown, so I don't have to travel for rehearsal. I love my small community, they are hardworking people, but definitely not the metal type. I'd like to gig as much as possible when the time comes, though. Travelling to the east coast is not in sight until we gather more attention. Nobody would give two shits if we went right now.

CT: What will be Desolate One's next ritual? Are you planning on releasing more demos or will there be a full length out soon?

M: The next release will probably be a demo of higher quality than the last two. A better label, better material, and probably better production.

CT: What do you feel that Desolate One represents to fans of metal? Why do metalheads enjoy the crusty filth that is Desolate One and other bands of the same style?

Original Desecrate The Night Cover.
M: I'd like to think people appreciate us for what I try to convey. (Referring only to previous material not upcoming:) I wanted my songs to be grating hazes of death and war. But the majority of this crowd are just in it for the cool vinyl records with cereal box trinkets and photos of dudes in bullet belts.

CT: If you were to climb a pile of skulls and give a rousing speech before sacrificing a goat, what would you tell the onlookers?

M: Turn your lives over to Christ.

CT: Before you die, what would your last words be?

M: I don't fucking know.

CT: Thanks for momentarily taking a break from your torturous hobbies to answer my questions. You may end this interview any way you like.

M: I'd like to let everyone know that Desolate One will most likely be undergoing a name change soon. And I will also be getting rid of Possessor. Thanks to CONTAMINATED TONES for the interview.

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