Store has moved entirely to Storenvy. For wholesale info on any Contaminated Tones Release, email I am still honoring the three-items free shipping in the US option. Just go ahead and pay for the items and I will refund the shipping charge.

Wholesale is available for all Contaminated Tones Releases. Prices for wholesale are on the "Releases" page. Any distros or labels interested Email me and we'll work something out as far as exclusive distribution goes.

I do not "hold" items unless I have more than one copy. If someone comes along and wants to pay for something and I'm holding it for you. I will email you to confirm you are still interested but I get no response in 24 hours. I am going to sell it to the other person interested if they are ready to pay at that moment. If you want to hold specific items, you can pay for them and the rest of the order when you can. I won't ship until everything is paid for though.

I'm flexible, but I'm not a fool. I want everyone to get what they want so ask about versions / pressings etc and I'll send pictures / images etc.. especially on patches and random merch that may pop into the store. 


This is a warning to people out there that conduct trading and selling and such like myself. These are people I've run into or have been approached that through research or experience are rip offs:

This individual poses as Magazines, Labels, Bands or others to try and get free promos and trades. I sent him a package of promos costing about $20 in shipping and do not expect to see any reviews from it. In my poor judgement, I did not look up the history or ask others if he was legitimate. This individual is listed on the Deaththrasher Zine website as a Rip-off and editor Yuki has confirmed this individual has no association with the zine.

Update! This shitsucker is now posing as Mandragora (peru) and has created a fake facebook page to try and skim people of their stuff. Same address, same shitty person. Send bombs people...

Do Not Send to any address with: 
morro solar 1712
morro solar 1710

Sanger, California. Individual has cheated Dark Descent out of 11 records by buying then filing credit disputes. Full account here.