Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bastard Thieves Live 09/09/2011

Live recording of Bastard Theives' 09/09/2011 Show at the Meatlocker in Montclair. Here or Here

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occular Peehole Sewerzine Issue #2

Occular Peehole Sewerzine is one of the most enjoyable zines I've ever read simply for the type of bands and overblown descriptions in the zine. Covering bands from the porno-grind, gore-grind, harsh noise, and pretty much any other anti-music genre you can think of, the subjects are pretty obscure even for my knowledge. Ultimately, anyone interested in really delving into the pure anus of underground music, this is a great zine to start your exploration with. The zine was created by the man behind Thanatoseptis, Reclusa, Inverted Exorcism, etc. And the writing is very good, the interviews are interesting and the rest of the articles involved are pretty damn entertaining. The whole thing is done in a cut and paste style, with extra space taken up by clippings of random crap such as sharks, off-center humored comics, and just all kinds of general tomfoolery. Some of the included bands are Analthrone, Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering, Urinary Tract Infection From Sever Pus Clots and Xanax Feast. A bunch of reviews are scattered around as well as an interesting rant about Agathocles. Some horror movie reviews also are tossed in for extra viewing pleasure (or displeasure).

The best interview is hands down is this short drunken messterpiece with Mike Sweeney of Xanax Feast / Cripple Slaughter / Amputee... it's a pretty awesome read. Favorite quote: "I'm a huge piss porn fan muthafuka got vids? I'll buy em." The whole interview is pretty much like that. It's a doozy. On a more serious note, the rest of the interviews are interesting from a regular interview perspective. I just find it fascinating that people can discuss their band in a totally serious manner and talk about their projects when those projects include names like Analthrone (Not to single Analthrone out of course, just an example). Maybe I'm just not down with this scene at all but the names are pretty ridiculous. Mega Toilet Flush!? Whoah. Still, a bunch of the bands mentioned in here are probably pretty interesting to listen to so I may delve into it a bit later on after I finish my Anthem discography. The zine is also a quick read. I read the whole thing on my lunch hour at work in my car. I would probably be sent to Human Resources if I brought the thing into the break room and lose my job. It's a pretty vulgar affair so if you have company coming over, you may want to make sure it's not lying around on the coffee table. I purposefully left it out for my mom to find. I'm that kind of guy.

Free review sample. The whole zine is pretty much full of these.