Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maryland Deathfest Lineup

I've added a text section (Yeah, I know ANOTHER TEXT SECTION) to the sidebar showing the confirmed bands for Maryland Deathfest 2010. As of now:

Confirmed bands for MDF 2010:

SINISTER (Netherlands)
MELECHESH (Netherlands)
PORTAL (Australia)
INGROWING (Czech Republic)
GRIDE (Czech Republic)
JESUS CRÖST (Netherlands)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Klimt 1918 - Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again

By: StryckenFromHistory

Ye be warned: this album is NOT metal. Fuck, its not even remotely worth listening to, not because it isn't part of the best genre of music ever (heavy metal), but because the music is so incredibly lifeless and gay that it instantly causes anyone who listens to it to grow breasts and start bleeding once a month. Honestly folks, how anyone could consider this even mediocre (nevermind good) is beyond me. It's the wet dream of melancholic, hormone fueled teenagers with too much time to devote to their own pathetic fantasies. It's that fucking bad. Music usually doesn't bother me much. Hell, that Krallice album didn't even cause me to become this angry, but this has pushed me to the edge. I mean, just fucking look at the REAL album title: "Just in Case We'll Never Meet Again (Soundtrack for the Cassette Generation)".

This album is just too fucking long for the amount of ideas contained within. I would think I was halfway through a song when it was only just past the first twenty seconds. Everything drags. Even worse than the lack of ideas is the ideas that are actually present. Each song consists of a melancholic yet hopeful melody. That's it. Lyrically and atmospherically, it revolves around the themes of hope, loss, and love, but the execution results in everything just sounding vapid. Before I can even proceed with this review, I must show you an example of the heartfelt lyrical genius that Colonel Klink 1918 managed to produce.

"Feel the pain, pay the price.
I was the one who loved you the most.
Every day, and then, every night.
With you.
And you got so much faith, and then, so much life.
You make it hurt so good.
I'll stay until the end.
I've never asked you for much."


"This is you on your first day of school
when you were too young to understand"

I can't make that shit up folks. I wish I could...but I can't. The sad truth is that Cunnilingus 1918 is just really gay. This isn't emotional, thought provoking, melancholic, nor heartfelt. Yeah, the band is from Italy and for some unfathomable reason was on Metal-Archives, so what! I can hear this shit if I turn my television on at 5AM and throw on MTV. There's no difference at all. It's terrible drivel.

All of the riffs are either post rock oriented or reminiscent of emo music. Clitoris 1918 (mis)calculated each riff with the intent to induce feelings of melancholy, introspection, and loss. What we get is not that, but rather an amalgamation of riffs that sound incredibly disingenuous, fragile, and limp wristed. The tone sounds, for lack of a better word, precious. The bass does nothing noteworthy at all, but it isn't offensive either. To be frank, I don't remember it really. The drums follow suit, doing nothing spectacular and nothing offensive, just existing. The production is as clean and clear as any pop album these days.

I'm surprised I managed to listen to this. No, it is not metal at all, but let this be clear: I did not take points off for that reason. I simply judged it accordingly and this Kermit 1918 album is one of the most offensive, queer, and vapid albums that I have ever heard.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Playlist - 07/02/2009

Did another radio show tonight covering for C. Moore... Here's the playlist. Sorry to give no warning about this one. I had no idea until twenty five minutes before leaving for the station that I was going to do it myself. Still, had a few people call in. One to call request Dokken's Dream Warriors which, I would have loved to have played if I had my complete record collection with me. He asked me to play Priest's Painkiller instead and I obliged. Another listener from the United Kingdom called in requesting Rammstein which I refused to play on stylistic differences. Still, he was a lively fellow interested in music and I hope he enjoyed the show.

Artist / Album / Song

01. Saxon - Crusader - Sailing To America
02. Judas Priest - Painkiller - Painkiller*
03. Shadowkeep - Corruption Within - Meta-Morale
04. Benediction - The Grand Leveller - Jumping At Shadows
05. Absu - Tara - Stone of Destiny
06. Abhorrence - Vulgar Necrolatry - Devourer Of Souls
07. War Master - Chapel Of The Apocalypse Demo - Thrones Of Tyranny
08. Heathen - Breaking The Silence - Set Me Free
09. Wolf - Wolf - Electric Raga
10. Midnight Priest - Demo 2009 - Rainha Da Magia Negra
11. Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law - Attack In The Aftermath
12. Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law - In Battle There Is No Law
13. Funerary Pit - Winds of Hell EP - Fathomless Depths
14. Apolion - On The Altar / Angel Of The Black Abyss Split - On The Altar
15. Apolion - On The Altar / Angel Of The Black Abyss Split - Red Desert
16. Napalm Death - Diatribes - Just Rewards
17. Armoros - Peices - Critical Mass
18. Deathevokation - The Chalice of Ages - The Monument
19. Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory - Mayday
20. Witches Sabbath - I: Black Ritual - Winter's Tyranny
21. Skepticism - Lead And Aether - The Falls
22. Primordial - Spirit The Earth Aflame - The Cruel Sea
23. Iniquity - Various Artists: Brutal Youth '94 - Prophecy Of The Dying Watcher (Live)
24. Devastation - Idolatry - Freewill**
25. Devastation - Idolatry - Legacy Of Faith**
26. Overkill - Taking Over - Wrecking Crew
27. Midnight - Farewell To Hell - Black Rock 'N' Roll
28. Sapremia - Existence of Torture Demo - Spawn of Desolation***
29. Hardingrock - Grimen - Faen pa Bordstabelen
30. Negura Bunget - Om - Tesarul De Lumini

* Request
** Thanks Tobias
*** Because Lou hasn't played the song since 1994 and can't remember how to play it for me. You have one year Lou...