Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sickness - Primordial Brutality Demo

An older review...

Primitive brutality would be a more apt name for this Greek band's first demo. Clearly worshiping the altar of the US death metal scene, particularly Obituary and early, pre-Human, Spiritual Healing even, Death, Sickness do not do enough to separate themselves from the packs of other death metal bands. Some slight tremolo riffing techniques jut from the landscape, leading me to feel comfortable citing Darkthrone and Mayhem as repeat offenders in guitarist / vocalist Christos Tsihlas' cassette and record collection. He seems to also have taken some of the signature wails observed on Soulside Journey and stuck them in a blender with John Tardy's tazmanian devil-like yelps.

Filling out the rhythm section are Yiannis on bass and Nickos Samakouris on drums. They competently keep time with ease and add some heaviness to the demo's primitive mix. Though this is a demo and was, most probably, recorded with whatever they have around at the time (8 track?), the production is something I hope they improved on their 1996 Enthroned Demo - their only other release. The guitars are a bit low in the mix and the rest sounds somewhat jumbled together. There is not enough frequency separation between the instruments.

My suggestion is to fast forward though side one, and flip the tape to side two. I found "Afterlife" and, to a lesser extent, "Deplorable Conviction," to be stronger songs than the two tracks on side one. Though each track has moments worth attention, "Afterlife" is the standout track. Primordial Brutality is worth a quick listen for this track but if you never hear this demo, you aren't missing much.

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