Friday, February 26, 2010

Desolate One - Desecrate The Night / Desolate One

From the very bowels of depravity and filth comes Desolate One's second sacrifice to the ancient gods of Blasphemy, Sarcofago, and the other myriad South American black thrash legions. Where Desolate One's first demo fell short, Desecrate The Night pulls itself onwards and rapes the very soul of the night. One listen, and I've got tracks stuck in my teeth like plaque and clinging to my skin like leeches.

What has really got my brain rattling is the rawness and blasts of charred brilliance that creep out from behind the fuzzy and misty shroud of noise. Though at times maybe a bit too raw, the general tone is nothing worse than other demo standards. Desolate One have improved strangely in the production in some areas but fallen short in others. The drums on this demo are a bit too subdued where the debut demo they were a bit too loud. They could be slightly more upfront but they are audible. Though Desolate One's first demo was cleaner and easier to digest, the emotion on Desecrate The Night is thick and steamy like a midnight orgy to the black demon gods.

Opener "Sepulchrum Temero" lets loose the first barrage of noise, yielding results ranging from a concussive wallop to the ultimate screaming noise solo. The track sets not just a tone for the demo but also a pace for the five new tracks. "Of Desolation" is a bit too noisy and redundant until the central section, which draws back the curtain on some night details such as the wavering guitar chords, subtle feedback and rusty dingy rehearsal room. This is the first moment on the demo where you can get a real feel for the atmosphere of the recording session - hazed and glazed with alcohol infused euphoria. But leave it to the title track to really capture all that is awesome about this demo.

Opening with feedback, wailing guitar grit and filth and one of the demo's best riffs, "Desecrate The Night" is a true bludgeoning. The vocals on the track are the best on the tape though never does vocalist Hideous Possessor falter in delivery. There are moments when he is difficult to hear but on this demo, everything is charmingly murky. Following is "Serpent's Blood" which contains another of my favorite riffs, a riff I call the zombie march. Its a slow, swinging undead-stomping-dance riff which should evoke memories of Messiah Marcolin in a forest leading a band of damned doomsters to who the hell knows where... whatever, you'll be swaying too.

With the originals done, the demo's last track is a cover of Blasphemy's "The Desolate One." I can not lie, I was expecting them to do a Blasphemy cover and this is the perfect song (made more perfect because it's the band's namesake). You can hear their influence. In general I do like this much more than the 2009 demo. The aggression and hatred is more focused and the whole demo has a much more serious demeanor. The rawness is glorious. With two demos under their belt now, I would like to see Desolate One take a step further with their next release in the production department. Nothing polished of course, but just a bit more punch and a bit more clarity would do Desolate One wonders as long as the rawness remains. Something like the production on Bestial Warlust's releases would be perfect. Either way I am excited about another release from these guys. If they manage to get someone to release a 7" next I will be the first to buy it.

So, in addition I have attached information from both demos. The first demo is actually side two of the tape so those who missed out on the first demo can still check it out on this tape. I would hurry though if ugly dirty black thrash tickles your sensitive side. Last I heard, the tapes were all close to gone. Salute to the awesome demo(n)-art which as been provided courtesy of Raquel Thulcandra.

I have attached the review from CT#1 for extra-curricular reading as well as a scan of the first demo's insert... you lucky whippersnappers you...

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Anonymous said...

I kicked around one of their grandchildren may be who the gods were referring to when they suggested Jeffrey Dahmer was reincarnated into the Situation.
They said one of the kids is "immoral" and "it bothers some of them". Guilty conscious?
Sounds like a passed opportunity which was subsequently punished.