Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Playlist 08/31/2011 - Thanatoseptis - Sacrificial Septic Tank Tomb

Tonights show begins a new segment of The Vault. I have a million demo tapes laying around and while I almost always play demo tracks on the show, as listeners know, it's just not a real good way to really get a feel for a band's ability, style, and worth. Every show from now on, I will be playing the entirety of one full demo starting at 10:00, effectively splitting the show in half, with the more extreme side of metal taking over the show the second half, and leaving the first half of the show for the old school, head banging metal of the 80's.... give or take of course.

Thanatoseptis - Sacrificial Septic Tank Tomb

Kicking of this new segment is a rarity of unimaginable, weirdness, a combination of black metal, primitive death metal and industrial ambient / noise. Thanatoseptis' Sacrificial Septic Tank Tomb demo. The one man project is a US creation, hailing from some slime ridden cave in the United States of America, and this demo contains new tracks and tracks from their first demo as well. There really is no describing this. Simply calling himself STW, all instruments and programming and audio has been created by this sole creature.

The seven tracks present contain otherworldly echoes of demonic incantation and sewage spewing grimy, ugly death metal mixed with noise. There is a reason this is limited to 60 copies... it is too obscure and bizarre for the everyday human. A true masterwork in abrasiveness. While listening to this with a friend I compared the sound to the feeling of having a rapist in your house. It's unsettling, pressing nerves together with a singular effort of original malevolence. Tracks such as Ritual of Unholy Resurrection Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 both contain awkward ticking, as if an old clock is ticking down on your sanity. The title track, is a mammoth ugly monster of distorted genres clashing. The slow, plodding nature of doom is prevalent, along with the archaic melodies of ancient death metal all soaked in a noisy ambient storm of incinerated bone ash.

And all this on two sides of a TDK. I don't know why the two sides were split on the tape at all. They all could have fit on the one side. Regardless, there is little for me to complain about on this one. A totally unique take on whatever genre or anti-genre STW is embracing. Listen to this antidote to the mainstream music conglomerate at 10:00pm on The Vault.


01. Morbid Sin - Twisted Souls In Hell
02. In Solitude - Demons
03. Holy Terror - Distant Calling
04. Motorhead - No Class (Live)
05. Manowar - Gloves Of Metal
06. Obsession - Killer Elite
07. Overkill - Overkill (Request - James)
08. Dio - Gypsy
09. Mercyful Fate - Gypsy
10. Fates Warning - Orphan Gypsy
11. Heathen - Set Me Free (Sweet Cover)
12. Manilla Road - Into The Maelstrom

13. Thanatoseptis - Hydra Of Polluted Water
14. Thanatoseptis - The Black March Of Disease
15. Thanatoseptis - Ghost In The Sewer
16. Thanatoseptis - Sacrificial Septic Tank Tomb
17. Thanatoseptis - Seweritual Of Unholy Resurrection Pt. 1
18. Thanatoseptis - Seweritual Of Unholy Resurrection Pt. 2
19. Thanatoseptis - Black Vapors Of Possession

20. Primordial - Lain With The Wolf
21. Mandatory - Where They Bleed
22. Abazagorath - Bestial Moans
23. Primitive Graven Image - As I Wander
24. Aeternus - There's No Wine Like The Blood's Crimson
25. The Wakedead Gathering - Wasps From The Chamber Of The Divine
26. Death Strike - Pay To Die
27. Apolion - Winds
28. Source Of Deep Shadows - Powolne Zatracenie
29. Mystifier - An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper's Spell Book
30. Grave - Awakening
31. Hellwitch - Mordirivial Dissemination
32. Skepticism - The Organum
33. Burzum - Valen

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