Monday, September 12, 2011

Abazagorath Interview

So, after some bureaucratic trouble getting the audio files for the Abazagorath interview, here it is, finally available to all. On a more somber note, this will be my last interview on WP88.7 Brave New Radio due to the station management deciding that it's time I give up my radio slot to dead air because I have already graduated. Please send them your displeasure and ask for The Vault to return to the airwaves. 3 years of metal undulations across the northern New Jersey airwaves was awesome, and you will still hear interviews and such through this website and blog.

Anyway, not to drown the moment with solemnity, I want to thank Chris Warhead and Dave Nyarlathotep for coming on the air, and giving and awesome interview. One of my favorite moments was messing up the pronunciation of Dave's pseudonym so much that he threatened to kill me on air... that's pretty awesome. Ultimately, the interview had this subplot of me trying to pronounce Nyarlathotep, and eventually succeeding. Kind of a strange subtextual thing. But anyway, enjoy.

The interview can be downloaded at this link: LINNNNNNk

Or you can find it linked on the Radio archives page.

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