Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bobby Lucas - Morbid Sin / Overlorde / Conspiracy Chronicles on The Vault

Be sure to find the nearest radio, computer, police antennae... whatever you need to listen in to next weeks episode of The Vault radio show when I interview long time New Jersey Heavy Metal vocalist Bobby Lucas. The show will air at 9pm EST and conclude at 12am EST. Anyone with a remote interest in old school metal should be sure to listen. Northern New Jersey residents can tune their knobs to 88.7FM while anyone else can listen through our internet feed.

Bobby Lucas' career as a top-tier vocalist began in the 80's fronting Morbid Sin whose demos became dearly held Jersey Metal artifacts. Their early discography recordings have recently been re-released through Stormspell Records and the band's first full length record, Sins Of The Flesh, found release through Stormspell Records last year.

Bobby also contributes vocals to the equally ancient Overlorde, who formed in the mid 80's and have received praise for their album, Return Of The Snow Giant, and also Conspiracy Chronicles, a progressive metal band with members of Dyers Eve, Dim Mak and drums from Matt Thompson of King Diamond fame.

History will be revealed.

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