Friday, August 19, 2011

Abazagorath On The Vault August 24th

Black metal fans rejoice! NJ Black metal legends Abazagorath will have their day to recant tales of demon worship and cosmic chaos on The Vault. Wednesday, August 24th, Chris Warhead and Dave Nyarlathotep will join me for several hours. Abazagorath's debut album Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus was released in 1997, predating the trend of US black metal we see today and helping to lay a foundation for black metal in the United States. Their 2004 album Sacraments of the Final Atrocity continues their cosmic assault on the vermin of humanity.

Tune in Wednesday, August 24th at 9pm for another special interview only on The Vault. Be sure to call in with your questions for the Beasts of Abazagorath and your requests.

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