Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thy Light - No Morrow Shall Dawn

Thy Light mix a bit of folky guitar work into keyboard ambiance with an occasional passage of a distant distorted guitar drowned in a sea of reverb while the captain of the sinking ship known as the echo pedal screams as if he were waxing poetic while he's really just screaming while avoiding hyperventilating. The synths feel fairly bright most of the time, making the screams an odd inclusion - the metal side of the music appears sparsely, as this is predominantly ambient, and it really doesn't make sense at all. While the band seems to consider this some variant of black metal, it's not even background music like the neo-medieval synth/folk of Burzum's "Daudi Baldrs," it's just bland background ambiance. It's sort of like a Yanni album where nothing happens, save a few passages of echoing arpeggios played on guitar with distant screams over it. That's what most of this album is.

I mean no disrespect to Yanni, as he makes some interesting ambient/new age music, but I think most metalheads would understand what I mean when I say that the first 34 of these 41 minutes basically sound like a poor imitation of the backing tracks of Yanni's "Dare to Dream" punctuated by an occasional scream rather than an 80s-as-fuck synthesizer. It's basically the ambient equivalent of an episode of Seinfeld played at half speed - nothing happens, but if it's some sorta dumb joke that you can relate to then you'll like it, otherwise you're left wondering, what's the deal with this thing about nothing?

It's all a setup for a mediocre atmospheric black metal track. No thanks, I'll take that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets a garbage disposal installed in his shower so he can prepare food in it. At least I can relate to that.

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