Friday, September 13, 2013

Blood Pollution / Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander - 2 in 1

The artwork for this split is pretty nifty - it looks like an old Game Boy game, with a comic artwork sticker on a cartridge, even labeled as "2 in 1" in that good old orange/yellow fade text. There are even pixelated band images inside. Nice concept there.

Blood Pollution play a mix of punkish rethrash and rock and roll, pretty heavy and bass-driven, fronted by Lemmy wannabe who isn't nearly as grizzled or gravelly but gives the band most of their character. There's a mix of hardcore punk guitar work reminiscent of Murphy's Law, mixed with the obvious Motorhead speed metal/rock and roll rhythm section. They've done a decent job of carving out a certain style, but the music is neither memorable nor particularly interesting. Between a few listens of this, all I could really remember is that it was punk that lacked aggression and energy, and metal that lacked riffs and power.

ZZZ are a dime-a-dozen crossover wiffle thrash band that manage one pseudo-anthemic chorus of the caliber of your average teenage punk band and little more. A band really shouldn't be able to lose my attention with five and a half minutes of original material, but I've already zoned out by the time they get to the cover of a Blood Pollution song, which is a bit better than their originals, but they're still not very good for a pizzacore band.

If I were to come across these two bands at a show, I'd watch Blood Pollution as they seem like they'd be alright live, but I'd leave rather than watch ZZZ.

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