Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drugs Of Faith - 2008 Demo

As a metalhead, I have an aversion to aggressive music that falls under categories such as "hardcore" or "post-grind," you know... whatever the kids are calling it these days. I like my aggressive music to be metal the same way that I like my metal to be M.E.T.A.L. So the problem with Drugs of Faith's 2008 Demo lies in the fact that I can't stop listening to it - contrary to every belief my brain has succeeded in instilling in me. Maybe it's the fact that I pick out more of a Napalm Death vibe to Drugs of Faith than a modern "hardcore" vibe. Though there are elements of classic hardcore punk scattered across their short stubby songs, I hear not a single 'tough-guy beat/break down. Time for the modern "hardcore" bands to take notice, because Drugs of Faith are doing things right. But there are other reasons that Drugs of Faith's 2008 Demo is the shortest long-player I might ever own...

Maybe its the gritty guitar tone and huge thundering bass wallop that gets my teeth chattering every time "Race To The End" picks up after "Age Of Reason" leaves me eagerly waiting for my CD player to kick back to track one. Maybe I can't stop listening to Drugs of Faith because Richard Johnson has a unique way of making lyrics which I would not usually care for sound so particularly personal, that I actually sometimes think that instead of hearing him spit them from his dirty lips, I'm hearing my own subconsciousness graft my thoughts onto the foundation which Drugs of Faith lay out for me - like a window or gateway or toilet flange where my inner thoughts could sneak out or be flushed away into the great open world - at their expense.

Maybe I like Drugs of Faith because I can listen to this entire demo while walking outside to get my mail... and then listen to it again while yelling at the bills left for me by 'ol Uncle Sam. I'm sure theres a lyric in here somewhere that perfectly represents my feelings about that. Speaking from an objective standpoint though, the demo works perfectly. For me, a prime example of someone who usually is not a fan of such chaotic grind, the length allows me to hear something which I would usually not listen to, not get pissed and angry about listening to something I would not normally spend time listening to and instead get a sense of self-improvement and exploratory prowess. For someone who not only likes the dissonant hardcore / grindcore style, the immediate aggressiveness and intensity of Drugs of Faith's demo should compel any listener worth their salt to immediately seek out the rest of their catalog. A demo that can work this hard for a band is a rare find in an over saturated market. A true shame that the original planned split release didn't work out. Both bands would benefit from such a potentially strong showing. Me... I'm just glad I have something I can listen to in the time it takes me to brush my teeth every night.

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