Sunday, July 19, 2020

Zelkova Serrata #1 - Japanese Zelkova

This tree was gifted to me by a local resident reducing their collection in 2019.

Summer of 2019
Early Spring 2020, before bud-break

Early Spring 2020, after structural pruning

Mid-Summer 2020

Mid-Summer 2020 after pruning

Mid Summer 2020 - Early Wiring to set new growth
July, 19th, 2020 - The tree has some flaws, mainly the super straight low trunk which would only truly lend itself to a broom style, so that is likely what I will be doing. The wiring out of the tree helped me view where the tree's apex should be - the skinny wired branch about halfway up will be the new main trunk line. Next winter, I'll do another heavy structural prune and remove the top of the tree above that point. The tree also needs some root work done to it so, I will be repotting the tree into a shallower growing container.. I will possibly need to ground layer the tree if the roots are really bad or don't work with the currently planned front of the tree. I may eventually Ebihara the roots if I go this route. The trunk is thick enough to hold a screw and board.

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