Monday, December 15, 2014

Skat Injektor / Drugzilla - Virulentia

Musicians sometimes don't have a lot to say to their listeners, especially when it comes to noise / harsh electronics where a lot of the music is devoid of lyricism. On this split with Skat Injektor and Drugzilla, titled Virulentia, something is being said. For Skat Injektor, communication through the lyricism not of a vocalist, but of samples yanked from the depths of political and media history is preferred. Drugzilla barks and yelps like a dying pooch authoritatively. What exactly these bands are attempting to convey through this mash of textures and temperament is anyone's guess. There is a fine difference between Skat Injektor and Drugzilla other than their method of message conveyance and it lies in the percussive elements. Drugzilla is willing to hyper blast through through their tracks with a disregard for the listener's ability to discover what is actually going on within the compositions. Skat Injektor is the more subdued of the two, sounding more like cut and paste segments of a hack and slash horror movie. The Drugzilla tracks are the harder to digest, though the Skat Injektor tracks are more immediately frightening and impacting.

With the run time of this 7" being just over nine minutes, anyone that wants a quick blast of noise terror can enjoy the myriad aspects here. Whether it be the tense ending to Skat Injektor's "Face The Feast of Power" or the  memorability-in-hiding of Drugzilla's "Orgasms Reaped Through Sadistic Design," for someone like myself that only more recently has been engaged in the burgeoning world of noise, this is a good test of one's actual interest in the genre. I'd recommend this 7" to anyone looking to explore noise and electronics. With the density of ideas and sounds on Virulentia there is actually a bit of replay value here, if one would want to really dig into the message. It's only ₤5 on the Omega Warfare Records shop.

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