Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lonesummer - Satisfaction Feels Like a Tomb

Trigger warning, terrible music:

Imagine some horrible feedback, two-chord rock that's mostly noise, and shitty lo-fi rock mixed with some sorta rapid guitar-bludgeoning through a bunch of broken effects pedals. Can you imagine it? Then you've got the imagination of some bonehead who releases the shittiest music I've ever heard under the name Lonesummer. This is alternating varities of harsh noise, guitar-string-attacking, and some crybaby moaning through through a reverb pedal. Random noise? Crying through more effects pedals? There's a drum machine that appears halfway through? Learned how to fret a chord and now you're pecking away at it? Welcome to Lonesummer, the mostly lonely, pathetic shit you've ever heard. This is more pitiable than most basement recordings because it manages to sound more pathetic. I've heard 13-year-olds' metal projects that sound better. This redefines worthless. That is truly art, as much as taking a shit is finger painting. You're only a shit artist if you touch it, and this is brown-handed. If this is satisfaction, then you're fingering corpses in their tombs.

Congratulations Lonesummer, you've made Depressive Illusions Records look like an art gallery.

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