Friday, May 9, 2014


Alright... So it's been a while since I updated the site and the lurkers of the underground with news about what's going on. Let's get right down to it with the two newest Contaminated Tones releases.

Last week the pre-order period for the Intolerant - Live Intolerance (CTP - 017 - L) tape ended and the tape was officially released. Thanks for all that pre-ordered the release. You already are enjoying some nasty raw black metal. Those that didn't pre-order the tape can pick it up now for $5.00.

What you CAN still get at preorder price of $3.00 is the brand new Clamfight - Thank You Delaware (CTP - 014 - L) tape. This tape features this foursome of New Jersey and Philly monsters hammering out tracks from both their 2010 debut, Vol. I as well as their recent second album I Vs The Glacier. Heavier than carrying a sack of ancient rocks around, Clamfight is an obelisk of monstrous doom and sludge. The tape will be two colors: a blue label and a standard black and white label. The blue labels are limited to the first 20 copies so if you're a collector and you need that limited edition... put one on hold now! Track off the tape below as well as the front cover artwork.

Also, the Midnite Hellion Live tape, Bitchin' At Champs! is of course available so grab a copy of that and their EP, Hour of the Wolf!

 Also on the docket are a few other merch items. I'll be revealing one of these at Maryland Deathfest so keep an eye out the week after for some of that stuff. Before that though, will be the long-awaited follow up to Maximum Oversatan's sold out Too Evil For Hell demo titled Satanic Invasion. Back and more over-the-top than ever, Maximum Oversatan is ready to speed into your soul and tear you apart from the inside out. The band is opening for the Mentors in July at The Paperbox in Brooklyn. Information on that show is available on the Show Listing and the official Facebook event page. Support Signature Riff, Maximum Oversatan and pure, unadulterated sin! For something closer, Tomorrow night the band plays in Philly. Flyer is below for that gig. Artwork for the demo will be revealed very soon.

Big things coming up later this year which I can't say yet since they are not set in stone but I have a feeling that once they are chiseled into certainty, there will be some seriously wide eyes out there. One thing that is certain is that there will be another Okketaehm release... when... I have no idea... but I was sent a half finished track sample from the band in the mail. I listened to it five times in a row in my car. Stones got a lot of great reviews but if the rest of this next release is as good as what I was sent, the release may make some best of 2014 or 2015 lists, depending on when the release comes out.

Also there will be plans for another pro-tape this year at some time from a band that Contaminated Tones has supported but not yet worked with professionally as far as the label side of things is concerned. In addition, any bands playing in the New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia region that wants their show listed on the show listing, let us know via email. I'm also looking for more bands interested in doing some live tapes. I've got some interest from a few places and with some known bands but I'm always looking for more stuff to do.

Along the same page, I've added wholesale prices to a lot of the CTP items. Also, Free Shipping in the USA if you buy three or more items. Wholesale on the live tapes is also available and it's mix-and-snatch so for $18 you can get five live tapes - just pick which ever you want. The more live tapes that get done, the more options to choose from! In the mean time, you can get an extra one for a friend or for trade or whatever. Something that might not be known about the live tapes but we actually pay the band for each copy sold a royalty that is equal to or greater than many contracts. The more copies of the live tapes sold, the more money that goes back to the artist.

Another thing, something I'm really proud of is that the Contaminated Tones Website is only 6000 views away from hitting 100,000 views. That's absolutely mind boggling for me. When I started this website in 2008, I never expected to have so many viewers from around the world reading the reviews, and interviews. Now, people are also buying stuff and Contaminated Tones continues to grow. I thank everyone that has helped in any way to make this successful. I receive about 15-30 promos a week for review digitally, I receive a handful of promos each week physically... Both Steve and Apteronotus have been a huge help the past year in helping create content and reviews for the site to keep our readers interested and up-to-date on some of the stuff coming out in the underground metal world. We will continue to honestly critique and review the material sent to us.

Thanks to the readers, metalheads and artists out there!

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