Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hellgoat - End of Man

Hellgoat's End of Man EP is a super short release. It's only eight minutes long but for fans of war metal and more aggressive black metal, the two tracks will surely make you want to check out the rest of their discography. This American project has been pumping out throbbing blasts of vitriolic black metal since 2004 and have already built quite the discography. End of Man is more a single than an EP with "End of Man" seeming to be the focus of the release. It's shorter, and more emphasized. "Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast" is fronted by a long ambient intro and at the back door is another twenty second snippet of vocals. "End of Man" starts immediately. Closest comparisons I can give for Hellgoat would be Embrace of Thorns or Blasphemy with higher pitched vocals. The actual songs are quick and enjoyable though. Nasty and noisy bursts of speed with some slower doomy riffs mixed in and a sparse atmosphere. When you die, this is the music you want to accompany you to hell. You'll definitely make an entrance.

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