Thursday, May 9, 2013

New In Store

Added some stuff to the Store:

Armor Column - Maximum Collateral Damage MC
Astrofaes - Ad Infinitum MC
Black Winter / Eternal Darkness - Craving for the Ebon Masquerade Split MC
Dimentianon - Live Promo CDr
Exciter - Unveiling the Wicked MC
Haethen - Wanderer MC
Hate Forest - Purity MC
Njiqahdda - The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death MC
Njiqahdda - Serpents In The Sky MC
Sectioned - Elme Promo CDr
Solus / Vrag - Awakening of the Hungarian Witchwoods Split MC
Varathron - Genesis of Apocryphal Desire MC

I only have one copy of the Astrofaes, Black Winter / Eternal Darkness, Dimentianon, Exciter, Hate Forest, Varathron and Sectioned tapes / cds.

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