Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Master Fury - Cirlces Of Hate Review #1

Author Autothrall hits the nail on the head with a oversized sledge in this review, revealing every reason one has to own a copy of the Master Fury - Circles of Hell compilation.

"This shit hits like a barrage of old Metallica meets Whiplash/Nuclear Assault, with meticulous rhythm guitars that are often adorned with the frivolous leads I mentioned above. The boxcutter guitar rhythm tone is by far the most powerful element, but the bass and drums pop through, and the vocals, which feel like an ungodly East Coast alternative to the late Keith Deen (Holy Terror), retch and bark like a crate of salacious imps just imported from some preschool in Hell."

Check out the review on the From The Dust Returned website and if you still don't have a reason to get a copy of Circles of Hell... well... there's nothing I can do to fix your brain.

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