Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sacrificial Blood / Traitor 7" Split Preorder

Sacrificial Blood, which features Mike Keller, Geoff Searles, Kevin "Arnie" Maull, and myself, have just put out a 7" split with our good friends from Philly thrashers, Traitor. Right now I am taking preorders for the record which is officially released on the 28th of this month. They are $5. You can order them off the Storenvy page.

I am also adding a separate option for $2 extra with which you can get both the Sacrificial Blood / Traitor 7", as well as the Maximum Oversatan / Cain split 7" which I still have copies of. This package will also come with a random pin and will be signed as well.

We have some shows lined up in the Tri-state area as well for October:

Satan / Natur / Sacrificial Blood @ St. Vitus - Brooklyn October 12th.
Sapremia / Blasphemous / Veiled / Sacrificial Blood / Gross @ The Fire - Philadelphia October 26th

I am also adding some copies of Slowly We Rot zine as well. These just arrived from Romania and are top-tier underground fanzines with excellent coverage of the extreme metal scenes. 

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