Monday, September 4, 2017

Vile Desecration Absolute Blasphemy, Sacrificial Blood Live Video / Shows, Upcoming Horna Flier

This will be a somewhat busy month for Contaminated Tones. After getting back to the grind and caught up somewhat with material sent for review, there are some interesting things going on. First, the upcoming Vile Desecration demo, titled Absolute Blasphemy, will be released sometime within the next couple weeks. Tapes will be available through band at shows and through the webstore online. There will be some short lived pre-sale deal featuring the 2015 demo as well. Details on that in a week or so. Absolute Blasphemy marks the progression of Vile Desecration towards a more refined hell, inspired by Blasphemy, Beherit, and early Sodom. Unrelenting Bestial War Metal will tear you to shreds.

Vile Desecration has several upcoming shows:
Sept 13: Witchtrap, Abysmal Lord, Tombstalker, Process Of Suffocation (East Room - Nashville, TN)
Oct 20: Aura Noir, Mutilation Rites, Forest of Tygers (Exit/In - Nashville, TN)

Upcoming Sacrificial Blood tour dates:
October 25th - Saint Vitus, NY
Sept 30th - Silver Spring, MD

There is also going to be a September 29th show in Philly, PA with Traitor and Day Of The Beast (basically, the lineup from the Silver Spring date with Witchtrap, just without Witchtrap. Hope to see some people at these shows. I will be at them with Contaminated Tones releases and distro. Below is video from the other night in NY:

There is also this gig being set up for November in Brooklyn through Signature Riff.

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