Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Twist Ending - Musica Di Morte (2014 Demo)

Twist Ending's Musica Di Morte demo is a brilliant mashup of punk infused death thrash and Italian giallo film samples. The perpetrators here are likely familiar faces: Vanessa Nocera (Razorback Records, Wooden Stake) handles the guitars and bass, Gregg Metzger of Lincoln Love Log fame provides drumming, and Stevo (Impetigo, Church Of Misery) handles non-sample vocals where necessary. The horror movie influences of Stevo and Nocera are in beautiful full bloom. We are gifted a rather sneakily addicting raunchy listen which is very memorable thanks to the samples but also the appropriately scuzzy riffs.

Hearing the immediately familiar theme from Black Belly of the Tarantula open the tape was a relief. I'm not as educated as I likely should be in the 60's and 70's Italian giallo genre but this is one film which I have seen. It really helped draw me into the vibe the tape attempts to portray. "Tormentula (La Tarantola Dai Ventre Nero)" opens the demo with a crooning sample of the movie score before disappearing into edits of narrations from the movie over the promulgation of mid-paced death thrash riffs. Stevo spits more than growls the vocals throughout the demo, and does so here as well. "Shadow In The Gallery" is probably the most metallic of the tracks, as the short preface leads into a crossover thrash riff which completes the rest of the track aside from twenty seconds of children's' humming at the end. Fourth track is a total mash up of samples, no metal or punk material at all.

The best track here is definitely "Evil Iris, Summoner Of Misery." From the very beginning we get a plunky bass line from Nocera and steady drum beat with samples underneath perfectly paired. Samples overlap segments through the rest of the song, which repeat the catchy riff, now with a flanged distorted guitar layering. There is a very definitive garage-metal vibe to the instrumental aspects of this release which uplift the samples to a higher vantage by imbuing them with grit lost when not accompanied by images. At the very least, Twist Ending have motivated me to check out the movies sampled, but I expect I'll be returning to tracks from this for the foreseeable future. Great demo. Love the look of the cover and the blood red tape with black imprint is a detailed touch. Nice tapes are predictable from No Visible Scars though, so be sure to grab this one there. 

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