Monday, October 26, 2015

Sloth - Slow As Shit

I don't think any self-respecting fan of Doom could not be coaxed into checking out a album called Slow As Shit from a band named Sloth. Continued explanation that the album combines the vastness of recent Earth compositions, the stonery-sludgy nature of Sleep's Holy Mountain, and the immense drum resonance of Catacombs, would indicate that anything less than jumping out of your cushioned throne to seek out this treasure of material would be unacceptable. Furthermore, the inclusion of subtle nuanced details and depth provided by electronic threads throughout the album should appeal to those looking for that next sound in their doom lives. With a total playing time of over forty minutes in seven tracks, Sloth have not inundated with a demanding time-soaker, but offered a memorable and chill experience to pass your free time while relaxing or enjoying some unexpected free time. This is a truly essential recording for stoners, doom fans, and music lovers.

Opening track "Green Sunrise" sets the mood and style for the rest of the album after intro, "Meditate," primes your ear canal with echoing ringing dissonance. "Green Sunrise" begins the scenery crawling with call and response riffs, gargantuan drum strikes, and the plump bass lines which Slow as Shit will be notable for. Electronica penetrates the doom to punctuate how layered the material really is. Fourth track, "Call of the Sloth," truly stands out with immense riffs culminating with harmonized guitars weaving over a landscape of tense rolling bass and fuzz. Initial listens were enjoyable and this anthemic song immediately appealed to my inner headbanger, yet was softened by the fuzz enough that I felt I had never left the foggy realm Sloth had invited me into. Followed by the riff-heavy "Nothing By Leaves," the middle block of tracks break apart what could have been a nice peaceful listen in the same style as Mountains' Centralia. The murky samples in this track, hidden vocals, and ghostly screams lending a gritty smear necessary to help tug Slow as Shit firmly into the doom genre and out of the post-rock / shoegaze arena so many want no part of.

Sloth decided to end Slow as Shit with "Smoke N' Sleep," a funky, bouncy, bong-hit to leave the album reeling in your mind. After the four minutes of synthesizers plopping drugged out carnival depth charges, it's likely you'll just need to take a moment to consider that the album ended as it did. It's a whole different vibe from the rest of the release but fits, somehow, with the rest of the material. It's an epitaph to what is a stoner/sludge delicacy rarely tasted. As if they could have ended it any other way. I've really enjoyed listening to this album over the past few months. A real burner here.

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