Thursday, September 24, 2015

Human Bodies Interview, Ramlord Bonus Interview, and More

 9/16/15, live at Koto in Salem, Massachusetts.
Without getting into a misty-eyed rant about how dedicated and accommodating people can be, it's worth mentioning the context behind this interview. It was around 2:00am in morning, well after the intense Wednesday night show. The venue doors had opened five hours earlier. Everyone you'll hear speaking, other than myself, had a long drive ahead of them. Everyone still took the time to sit for quite an in depth interview without ever seeming impatient or rushing. Mike was even kind enough to return for a second round after the first awesome Ramlord Interview. With that in mind, the focus this time around is more on Human Bodies.

This was a great show and really interesting interview, especially the contrast between how Kveldulf and Mike got into metal and punk - pretty damn fascinating. You'll hear about how Human Bodies formed with a vivid name origin explanation, learn about the crossover in the metal and punk scenes, how the Human Bodies/Leather Chalice Split came about, the benefits of touring with a mechanic, and the usual "what's next" question for Ramlord, Leather Chalice and Human Bodies.

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