Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shredhead - Death is Righteous

Original size of the promo artwork.
This doesn't get a headline because the
press kit is as shitty as the production.
I've started reviewing this three times and each time I can't get over how, despite using elements of music I like, this is simply the most unpleasant thing I've listened to since Lonesummer. I'm done with it, this review is three aborted attempts strung together.

I suppose Shredhead see themselves as some sort of groovy new thrash + everything hybrid. The music is a mix of hardcore/metalcore into some really simple thrash metal that borrows some aggressive riffs from thrash/death metal bands. That's a rather drawn-out, cookie-cutter genre description, but this is basically a band with a couple different cookie cutters, not a band with something to express that is worth hearing. The recording has the dynamics of a brick wall, which makes it extremely unpleasant to listen to.

Shredhead are just as boring as their name suggests. I listened to a promo of one of Rogga Johansson's bands before this, and Shredhead are even more generic and less inspiring. I can't say enough how bands like this are the bane of my existence - boring thrash bands that have thick production and copy enough existing thrash to repeat what I've heard while offering absolutely nothing worth listening to in their own writings and arrangements. 

True moshcore - this makes me want to punch someone. 
This band cranks out dictionary-definition thrash metal that sounds like Pantera hatefucked a post-grunge band and their kid is just coming of age in a mallcore music video. These guitar tones are nu-metal chunky, the music aimlessly aggressive/angry at nothing, and the polishing of generic metalcore production is making their balls drop. This is grade-A mallcore to make you Jumpdafuckup if Machine Head isn't a dirty word to you. 

Shredhead do the public the good favor of having a terrible name, one which matches the shitty thrash-metalcore they blare with ridiculously percussive production. This is underground thrash metal for people who think Machine Head is cool. It has the dynamics of Terror and it hammers away for the whole running time. This is hardcore thrash metal/metalcore for people who think Skeletonwitch is a bit too extreme. Aside from borrowing a handful of death metal riffs to step it up, I couldn't imagine how a bunch of Israelis found this level of canned aggression to pump out. This sounds like a nasty mosh pit after you've been punched in the face. 

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