Sunday, September 7, 2014

News - September

A quick news update because of a bunch of stuff going on. First, the Crypter tapes are out so be sure to grab one for some kick-ass Celtic Frost / Hellhammer inspired thrashin' madness! The tapes came out great (as was to be expected) and the band will have a bunch of copies before the month is out.

The next live release is under construction but may not be out until October. I have a bit of work to do with it before I want to announce it. It's going to be excellent though.

The main reason for the delay is that I really want to focus on getting all the other stuff laying around added to the distro list. I had several packages come in this week that I'm working into the distro and I'm announcing what is being added on the facebook page so that's really the best way to stay on top of what is getting thrown in with the rest of the items for sale. This is also the reason why I haven't posted many new reviews. My time has really been focused with beefing up the store with new product. Once that's all added in, you'll see a flurry of new reviews from me - I have about five or six written that need to be typed up and posted. Hopefully, Apteronotus and Steve will be able to hold you over with reviews while I finish adding all the new stuff to the store.

I also may be doing a "sale" of some sort later in the month to coincide with a week I will be unavailable but more info on this later. For the last week, however, I will not be around so please don't get antsy / upset  / impatient if you email me and do not receive a response. I will respond to all emails the first week of October.

 Additionally, please buy stuff! Money is getting tight and I have some excellent planned releases for late this year / early next year that I won't be able to do without stuff being sold. Spread the word about the label / releases / distro so I can keep putting stuff out. Support the underground, support the hardworking bands that kill themselves each night. I can only do so much without support from all of you!

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