Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Releases Available Now!

 Three new Contaminated Tones Production releases are available. First Lamentations of the Ashen's EKIMMV tape. Distinctive black metal with hints of doom and ambient. Preview on the Lamentations of the Ashen Bandcamp page. $5.00

Next up is the repress of Black Chalice's - Submission which sold out last year. Doom / Death Metal with a spacy, melancholy atmosphere. To honor it's second pressing, we imprinted the tape with gold lettering and added a bonus track titled "Wain."  $6.00


 Lastly, the newest Black Chalice release, Obsidian, in a visually distinctive neon. Similar musically to Submission. More information and samples are available on the Black Chalice Bandcamp page.$4.00.


I'm offering a package deal on the Black Chalice tapes. You can buy both tapes for $9 and save yourself a buck. You can get all three new releases for $13 and save $2. These pressings are all limited to 100 copies. Simply email me to order.

The next set of news is on the last release from this set. Contaminated Tones proudly announces that in two weeks, Polish / Ukrainian one-man Death Doom band Suffer Yourself will present Inner Sanctum. Check out the awesome release and then keep an eye on the Contaminated Tones Facebook page for the latest updates.

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