Saturday, July 13, 2013

July News: Forestfather Release, ProCD Bundle Promotion and More

Forestfather - Hereafter is finally here, and out, and ready to mesmerize. The disc features a twelve page booklet, doublesided tray card and 38 minutes of top notch avante-garde black metal. Steve's impression is quite accurate. You can get this awesome release for $10.00.

Also an option, I am offering a bundle for the next couple weeks while I work on the upcoming releases. Get both Master Fury's Circles of Hell and Forestfather's Hereafter for $16.00. Inside the USA, postage is paid. Outside the USA, ask for some shipping options to help with our unreasonable shipping prices.

Work will now continue on finalizing the upcoming three releases, Black Chalice's Obsidian, Lamentations of the Ashen's EKIMMIV and the repress of Black Chalice's sold out Submission. Keep an eye out for those! These will be limited to about 100 copies each and should be available in about three weeks. Just finishing up the last of the three releases' artwork and getting all the forms together to send out to the dubbing plant.

I am looking for reviewers interested in reviewing the following CTP releases. If you have a blog / write for a zine etc. Please get in touch to be added to my reviewer list so I can send you free promos whenever new CTP releases come out. Here are the releases I have available promos for:

CTP-005-II: Black Chalice - Submission
CTP-006-I : Gates of Eternal Torment - Imprisoned Beneath the Ice of this Cold Black Void
CTP-007-I : Master Fury - Circles of Hell
CTP-008-I : Forestfather - Hereafter
CTP-009-I : Lamentations of the Ashen - EKIMMIV
CTP-010-I : Black Chalice - Obsidian

If you're interested in reviewing all or one of these, get in touch!

Finally, last but not least, it's that time again! I'm looking to add another reviewer to the website so if you enjoy reviewing underground stuff, have an interest in writing and want to put your reviews somewhere which people will read them, email me! CTP reviewers get the added benefit of receiving a copy of each current CTP release. Steve and myself are simply overloaded with reviews so help would be much appreciated!

Any questions or interest in anything CTP should be directed towards me via email. Thanks!

Here are some samples for the upcoming releases. Thanks and enjoy!

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