Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dröne - L'Inconnue De La Seine

Dröne have been around since 2006 or something apparently and no one took notice, probably because the post-rock / shoegaze style which Markus Byth creates under  the name, though done well - if that even means anything when you're basically strumming chords with massive loads of reverb over them - is just so top heavy with bands that are better known, have a little more originality and can cross-market their product. Isis, Pelican, Jesu, Alcest... it's a combination of all of them but without the trademarks of something that is it's own. That's a problem. A big problem, when after nine full lengths, no one has heard of you. The band has forty four followers on facebook compared to over ten thousand who like a band as unmentionable as Jesu. Maybe people just don't care about the genre that much. It's almost a genre which is simply "easy" to do and so it exists. Go ahead. I'm ready for all the one man shoegaze artists to come and attack me. Calm down, I know that somewhere out there are more involved and complex projects in the genre. Dröne is not one of them

In regards to L'Inconnue De La Seine, though it's run of the mill - excellent background sleeping music. The sappy reverbed chords and distant cleanly sung vocals are everything that makes people like this stuff. The song is well recorded, sounds naturally recorded - which it probably was knowing that these people put more effort into tone as opposed to trying to mold a song into something more than idle guitar strums - and the drumming complements the simplicity of the chords and flow by not over playing but not underplaying. I don't know how well I'd handle a full album of stuff like this though, after the twelve and a half minutes of this track, I was ready to blast S.O.D and spin the copy of WASP's The Final Command I found the other day. It's a single... it's free... I doubt anyone into this stuff would have a huge amount of hatred for this and I can appreciate it for being a relaxing buffer between all the other harsh stuff out there. There's just better, more interesting material in the style out there.

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