Friday, March 8, 2013

Master Fury - Circles Of Hell Release Date

Contaminated Tones is proud to finally announce the official release date of Circles Of Hell. This compendium of Trenton. New Jersey's Master Fury entire discography epitomizes what modern thrash lacks. Intimidatingly fast, massively aggressive... for 25 years, Hell Party (1988) and Circles of Hate (1989) lay hidden and now they are available for the first time on CD. This release is limited to 300 handnumbered copies and marks Contaminated Tones first pro-CD. Accompanying the disc is an 8 page booklet with an intro by Don "Digg" Rouze. 

Officially out on March, 15th 2013. Preorder now for $10 + Shipping. To order, simply email me:

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