Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vaporizer - Vaporizer (EP)

Vaporizer play stoner doom fused with melodic death metal, but mostly leaning towards heavy and overdriven rock and roll like The Sword. It sounds like early High on Fire with a lighter guitar tone and a vocalist who they grabbed from a random grindcore band. It's some solid, groovy stoner metal except for the vocalist, who sounds like he'd fit in a brutal death metal band but pretty much ruins this music with his growls and shrieks. He completely ruins the music live, by overpowering the solid riffs with his incomprehensible grindcore shrieks. Please, get a new vocalist.

The music here is generally stoner doom with a rock and roll vibe with some more extreme parts mixed in. There's a fair amount of double bass and melodies backed by heavy chugging. The vocalist ruins the feel of the music, sounding like Seth Putnam on an Anal Cunt record, but with less groove and not pulling off any sort of vocal groove. I don't know why that guy is in the band, they would improve greatly by simply getting rid of him, and even more by replacing him, ideally with a fat man from Louisiana.

The bottom line with Vaporizer, on this EP and live, is that they're a solid band with some good melodeath riffing and a good stoner doom feel, which would be a lot better if they fired their singer into the sun. They would be better off by having the fattest guy who showed up to each show singing, but instead they have a crappy vocalist who doesn't fit the music screaming like it's another genre and managing to be more unpleasant than Anal Cunt. Seriously guys, please fire your singer into the sun and find someone who sounds nothing like him. The vocalist is awful, the rest is pretty good.

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