Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Judas Ancestry - The Forces of Nazarene

I was quite surprised by this one-track demo, I haven't heard any extreme metal from India before and it's pretty good. The keyboards fit their role well, mostly providing atmosphere and filling out chords, as well as some tasteful fills. The guitars both support the vocals and have some solid riffs, plus tasteful and melodic solos. The vocals lead the music well, they're sinister sounding deep growls with strong enunciation.

Everything comes together very well, the songwriting is excellent. The guitar and keyboards parts are very well composed, laying back while something else leads, trading off the lead melody with tasteful tail-end fills. The song progresses well and unfolds impressively for something under seven minutes.

Judas Ancestry remind me a bit of later Sacramentum with keyboards added to the mix, with their skilled songwriting and use of melody. It leaves a very strong impression, being a one-track demo with excellent production. I look forward to hearing more music from this talented new band.


Anonymous said...

Nobody likes you, kill yourself.

Orion M. said...

I wonder who that was. I have a few ideas.