Saturday, November 19, 2011

News 11/19/2011

Well, things may seem to have been slow around here but in reality, a LOT has been going on. Let's take things one step at a time.

1. I've amassed about 6 or 7 live recordings over the span of the past three weeks which I hope to put up online for everyone as soon as I get the approval of the bands. You should see one or two up in the next or two. Basically, I have to upload still: Midnite Hellion, Fiakra, Denial Fiend, Buzzherd, Slasherthroat and Gorematory. So, a lot of cool audio stuff to add as soon as Mediafire decided to upload things.

2. Most interestingly, I think, is that I will be doing a cassette release for the Motorhead / Venom crazed lunatics of Maximum Oversatan. Look for that in a week or two. I'm looking to do more releases in the future so anyone who has something they want to release, get in touch and I'll let you know if I am interested. The goal is going to be to do small initial runs of tapes so bands that want to release limited stuff of rehearsals or bonus tracks or whatever, that kind of material is ideal. Black / Death / Doom / Speed / Heavy / Traditional Metal bands are all welcome to submit material. Thrash bands too though, they kind of fall somewhere between everything so... whatever, you get the point.

4. Still interested in doing interviews and reviews of stuff so be sure to email and ask about that.

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