Friday, May 6, 2011

Pek - Shut Up And Suffer

Look up the definition of raw in the dictionary and Pek's name will be there. At least, a picture of this 2005 demo will appear. Shut Up And Suffer is a sonic bludgeonment of auditory torture not unlike Von. Militant precision, instantaneous transitions into riffs that barely make sense and songs that begin and end in the duration it takes a bullet to end a life. Pek seem to take the stance that if a song can get it's point across in the minimal amount of time, then that's all the song needs. You'll find no selfish three minute solos, no Burzumesque hypnotic expanses and no "epic" compositions. Pek want to kill you immediately.

So does it work? Sometimes. Opening track Shut Up And Suffer, which includes the demo's intro is pretty much an album summary. Riff leading into riff, total disregard for songwriting - not that I think the album needs it - and primitive crushing components one after another until main man Pek, decides the song is done. I already mentioned Von and it's something like that though with a less complete concept of song structure. The seven tracks though have moments of noteworthy interest. Second track, "Pek" - maybe Pek is a little full of himself - starts off with a triumphantly evil march feel, "Surrounded By Evil" is simply weird, with an unsettling intro that's tough to follow followed by the strongest combination of riffs on the demo creating the highlight of the track. Sixth track, Deceased Fuckbeast, aside from having one of the more comedic album titles to exist from a Belgian band, is actually somewhat enjoyable in one of those "What-the-hell" kind of ways.

It's a demo for sure, though an odd little relic of black metal nonconformity. Not everyone is trying to sound like someone else and this is an example of the many different stylistic oddities you'll come across in the genre. Will everyone like this? Fuck no! Do I? I still don't really know but Pek and his machine-like drummer Nefasto have carved a nice chunk of the black metal flesh out for themselves to occupy. There are a strong grouping of fans out there who are into this and I'm sure any one who gets soggy over Von, Beherit or the more unique side of black metal will enjoy Pek's brand of indifference.

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