Monday, May 24, 2010

News - Rhythm Pit - The Matter of Opinion

A few this to mention. This week, my radio show may not happen due to some issues with our antenna. If the case, my Dio - tribute show will be postponed until next Wednesday.

Also, Decaying Citadel's side of the Autumn Reflections / Decaying Citadel split is finished. I think it sounds like the slab of doom it was meant to sound like. Three songs including a cover of Bathory's Satan My Master and a re-recording of Dread Saviour Arise, Decaying Citadel's split will be sure to make fans of anything doom glaze over.

Also, Ancient Obliteration - Destruction From The Past review should be posted in the next few days some where. It's coming, just a really difficult review to write.

ALSO, I need help. I can not find any information on this demo tape. I am looking for a release date:

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