Friday, January 15, 2010

Faith Or Fear Pictures

About five weeks ago, I had Chris Bombeke (guitars), Bob Perna (Bass) and Tim Blackman (Vocals) from Faith Or Fear on my weekly radio show, The Vault, to talk about the history of Faith or Fear and their oldschool thrash attack. Well, They took a few pictures so I figured I would post them up here. The doofus in the Napalm Death shirt isn't me... it's someone else... yes-sir-ee.

Chris Bombeke, Not Me, Tim Blackman, Bob Perna

Bob, Chris

Tim, Bunny Ears, Bob

I will have the playlist up soon as well. It is on my external hard drive so when I get a chance to go over all of that, I will replace this sorry excuse with the playlist from that night. All I know is that we all had a great time.

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