Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playlist 11/04/09

What a rough day, a massive 6 pager for Anthropology due, to my tyrannicaly hypocritical teacher - she actually refuses to let us leave the two and a half hour class to go to bathroom... well... she'll let us go but won't let us rejoin the class again... I am positive there is a rule against this. Luckily I get to play metal all night long, and I have a great list of tracks! Master's Hammer making an appearance along with some old-school Katatonia. No death metal tonight, felt more in a mood for the epic and while Deathevokation or Asphyx would surely have fit in to my playlist, I felt a night of traditional, black and doom was in order. Don't like it? Kill yourself!

Gallhammer - Ill Innocence, Electric Wizard - Let Us Prey, Primitive Graven Image - Traversing The Awesome Night and Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader reviews coming up within the week. Keep a lookout!

01. Battleaxe - Burn This Town - Dirty Rocker
02. Diamond Head - To Heaven From Hell - To Heaven From Hell
03. Manowar - Battle Hymns - Fast Taker
04. Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader - I Got The Right
05. Midnight Priest - Demo 2009 - Rainha Da Magia Negra
06. Steel Prophet - Messiah - Dawn Of Man
07. Shadow Keep - Corruption Within - Corruption Within
08. Fates Warning - The Spectre Within - Traveller In Time
09. Manilla Road - Crystal Logic - Crystal Logic
10. Master's Hammer - The Jilemnice Occultist - A Dark Forest Spreads All Around
11. Absu - Tara - Stone Of Destiny
12. Absu - In The Eyes of Ioldanach - Manannan
13. Fornication - Stab - Les Handicapes Du L Er Rang
14. Bound By Entrails - The Oath To Forbear And The Burden Of Inheritance - Tides Of Redemption
15. Bound By Entrails - The Oath To Forbear And The Burden Of Inheritance - Seafarer's Journey
16. Opeth - Morningrise - Black Rose Immortal
17. Folkstorm - De Stemmen Van Het Woud - Zonsondergang
18. Katatonia - Discouraged Ones - Last Resort
19. Highgate - Black Frost Fallout - Burial Light
20. Gallhammer - Ill Innocence - Speed Of Blood
21. Hell Rot - Vomit Altar - Marginal
22. Electric Wizard - Let Us Prey - A Chosen Few
23. Decaying Citadel - Ruin Of The Wooded Realm - The Final Days Of All

Tape / Vinyl Rips #'s: 5, 13, 19, 21,
2009 Releases #'s: 5, 14, 15, 17, 19, 23


Zach said...

Great playlist as always. Did you get Bounded by Entrails for free from Runefire? I ordered the AX ep and he threw it in for free, not bad.

Burial Light was either my second or third favorite off Black Frost Fallout, so good one there.


Orion_metalhead said...

^_^ Yes, Runefire sent me that for free. Some acceptable songs on the disc.

Burial Light was my favorite for the weird harmonies. The whole demo is spectacular though.

Ditto on the Hell Rot!