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Doom Reich - Doom Reich # 2

So, after the hatred that was Doom Reich Issue one, I knew that Doom Reich Issue two would be the next step up in the magazine's nuclear arsenal. If numero uno (number one for Americans. I apologize for giving in to the "let’s put everything in Spanish, also" craze) was the first nuke, then number two is the hydrogen bomb. The hate is more prevalent, the opinions more forceful and the feeling one gets from reading something dangerous more pronounced. Oh, and that sick, disgusting humor is still there permeating every page like political correctness run rampant. And while this issue has, as Greven Melkor insisted, more material than number one, I still want just a little bit more because 20 minutes worth of time absorbing malice sometimes just isn't enough. Greven once again offers an introductory statement, this one entitled "No Life Worth Living." Once again, a philosophical display of resentment towards everything, but also reflective and legitimate, "No Life Worth Living" condemns the pretentious modern outlook on nihilism and demands a return to when nihilism simply was a hatred against every institution and beacon of order in the world.
Once again, Greven, Kvisling – who now has more aliases than the concept known as God — and Parallel, have awarded readers with material deserving of praise and, possibly, its own marble statue. Greven and Kvisling's material makes up 90 percent of the zine, while Parallel submits just one article. Though he only has a single showing in the magazine, Parallel's piece is going to be the most interesting to those looking for music "journalism." Part one of a three part series, "The Top Ten By Far Most Hateful Records Ever" covers what Parallel believes are the most disgusting, angry and malevolent records the world has ever seen. Three choices down and seven left to go (Parallel's math is wrong as he estimates that there are six more in his list), this should be a worthwhile romp through both known and unknown records. Parallel offers strong evidence as to the reasoning behind his choices as well, with little fluff and a lot of passion.
Other standout articles in the Doom Reich pamphlet include an interview — Doom Reich's first, with Eviigne, leader of the Argentinian enclave known as the Southern Elite Circle. An in depth, intellectual conversation concerned with the ideology behind the man before his music, Eviigne's mentality, outlook and goals sit well with the themes that wind their way through the magazine. In short, the interview has become less of a standalone interview and instead it takes the place of another Greven rant. Anyone looking to invest time in discovering interesting and rebellious philosophy would do well to take the suggestions of Eviigne. An excellent inclusion. Greven's last article in the magazine covers the important of Tabasco sauce in the diet of... well... anyone. Interestingly enough, Greven either has written this article in the style of Kvisling purposely, or has gone on to be influenced by Kvisling's writing style while writing about his fondness and need for the world's greatest condiment. Read it. You'll know what I mean.
On to Satan's Apostle: David Kvisling Hitler Faubus Stenger / Imperial Wizard Kvisling / Hasamir Fenring. Kvisling's first few words in the magazine are, "Fuck, so anyways I fucking crashed through the front of deLesseps and Son." The sentence goes on to describe the careening bus and the smashing of grandpa skulls. Yes, you know I'm talking about another installment of "My Life as a Superhero." Just as funny and moronic as the first episode, I get the feeling that by the time this is over everyone will be dead and/or raped, and there will be a movie deal in the works. Best line: "I flexed my massive forearm muscles so hard that his body fucking exploded apart under the strain." Genius. Kvisling's other notable articles contain information about his group, the Anti-Folk Metal Front, and an awareness for the degrading standards of the Metal Archives Web site. While I agree with everything he has to say, I feel that these articles might be over the heads of readers who are not aware of the Metal Archives Web site. Understandably, most of the readers of this magazine will be a member of the site, or have used the Web site before, but to confine one's thematic scope to cover such a minute piece of Internet space might be detrimental.
Overall, the magazine is still living up to expectations. I miss some of the inside the magazine artwork, as there is none in this issue; just the front cover and back cover imagery which are — as they were in the first mag — awesome. The writing is still excellent, well written and edited neatly. The construction and print job still good for a photo-copied zine. I still got my personalized note like I did with the first magazine. I don't have the feeling the magazine is slipping in quality, and I don't have the feeling that there will be any compromises in the future. I still support Greven Melkor and his minions and the ideas they are spreading to the masses. This is still one of the more unique fanzines around, and one I hope continues to preach for a bit longer.

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Year: 2009
Origin: USA
Label: Self Released
Serial: None
Greven Melkor
David Kvisling

1. No Life Worth Living
2. My Life As A Superhero Part II
3. A Call To Arms - Voice Of The AFMF
4. Post... Metal?
5. Nietschean Will: Interview With Aviigne Souther Elite Circle
6. The Top Ten By Far Most Hateful Records Ever
7. The Metal Archives' Standards Are Slipping And Its No Joke
8. Tabasco: The Swiss Army Knife Of Condiments
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Doom Reich - Doom Reich #1

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