Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doom Reich - Doom Reich # 1

Fanzines have been a tradition in underground metal forever. Inevitably, there would come a time when fanzines no longer become an outlet for opinions and took on spiritual importance for their writers - a desire to spread filth fueled orders to as many unsuspecting human failures as possible. Doom Reich, a tidy little zine the same size (and construction) as the program pamphlets handed out for Sunday masses all across the country, is hell bent on providing guidelines by which to both live ones life and at the same time, hasten the coming apocalypse. While the lovely homemade style and print is endearing, it is the effort taken to make the magazine as unique as possible that gives Doom Reich a charming personality. With each issue containing a hand written note of sorts - my note contained lyrics from Eyehategods's "Left To Starve" - from the main contributer and founder Greven Melkor, there is a feeling of worthiness contained with your issue. Apparently, Greven is now handing out obituaries with each issue as well and while I won't reveal where this idea came from, I will say that it is a practice I would like to see spread. Showing the faces of the dead to all who live, presenting an ultimate vision of every man and woman's future before their very eyes, is incredibly nihilistic and one hundred percent in line with the motives of this little zine.

The content of issue number one is small at the moment though with a more "packed" issue number two in the works, this might be a mag that grows into something more interesting than your simple interview - review format magazine that finds its way into every mailbox these days. The writing of the three contributing authors is acceptable but by no means exceptional. That doesn't take away from the sincerity and, in the case of David Kvisling Hitler Faubus Stenger, humor present. With Kvisling's article being an account of a methhead superhero's trip to work on the bus, be prepared to burst out laughing several times. Greven Melkor keeps his articles (3) to more down to earth subject matter, speaking about the price of cigarettes, his excellent experience with the Abyss Records online webstore, and on page one, a decree for all readers to "help usher in this age of hatred" and "strive for true intellectual freedom." Final contributer "Parallel," is happy strapping down readers to a chain link fence and forcing all to hear his opinions on Burzum's Daudi Baldr album. He expects all to agree with his open-hearted adoration for this midi-masterpiece.

Doom Reich is a neat little zine and a must have for zine collectors tired of getting zines full of crap. With a strong sense of artistic license, no grammar excrementstorms or choppy language, and a definite desire to offend and anger, Doom Reich is a zine worth keeping an eye on. Issue two will probably be the one to invest in, with more material and content, though anyone wanting a preview of what is in store shouldn't hesitate to send the three measly dollars to Greven Melkor for a copy. Considering the future, the damn thing might be worth something in a few years if the mag takes off. These will be hard to find and lauded as the mag that brought down the world - a sure reason to get your twitchy fingers mailing dollars.

Release: (2009)
Pages: 6 (8 w/ covers)
1. The End Time Message
2. My Life As A Superhero
3. Abyss Records
4. Burzum - Daudi Baldrs Review
5. Pipe Tobacco
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