Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mass Infection - Promo 2005

Although only seven minutes (and two songs) long, Mass Infection's 2005 Promo album still manages to have... well... mass. Playing a style of classic death metal influenced by the Tampa bands and the more twisted northern bands from New York and the surrounding tri-state area, the two songs show an attention to tormented song compositions and creative riff patterns reminding me of Ripping Corpse or some of the earlier Iniquity material less the bizarre grooves or the technicality that the latter spun on Serenadium.

The guitar tone of Giorgos and Nikos L. has a biting nostalgic tone to it somewhere between Grave and Mass Psychosis' Necroporno though without the signature sound of either. What is important though, is that it has a legitimate tone that neither sounds like some computer guitar modulation program or a direct input of some other sort from a pedal board into the processor. It is a one hundred percent old school death metal tone. With low, guttural vocals also supplied by Giorgos and a powerful rhythm section supplied by Kostas on bass and Nikos A. on drums, both also showcasing natural early 90's style and feel, Mass Infection have managed to plant two unknown gems of death metal in the earth for those of the Obituary and Suffocation persuasion to dig up.

"Decay" starts off with memorable riffs and an immediate urgency before launching into the twisted forms that carry the rest of the song. With a not overly technical, not overly underplayed, suitable but not predictable solo promoting Nikos' and Giorgos' ability to produce soulful leads. "Eternal Oblivion" is similar to opener "Decay" though slightly speedier. It launches into a sickeningly perverted child's nursery kind of death metal riff that gets my vote for riff of the release (ROTR). Once again, Mass Infection create subtle lead melodies without becoming melodic and continue to blast out quality death metal.

Both songs are strong, well composed tracks with the ability to shake up a room full of death metal fans and stir up a circle pit in a dingy club but with only two songs, I am left a bit unsatisfied. Two more songs in this style with some slight tempo variation and maybe some signs of experimentation could make this one of the strongest death metal demos I've ever heard. With two songs showing so much promise, Mass Infection is a band that I will definitely keep an eye on. Look for a review of their Atonement For Iniquity album in the future. If it contains a similar style as this demo, Mass Infection are well on their way to being one of my favorite obscure-as-cloudy-toilet-water death metal bands.

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