Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Beast - Power Metal EP (1983)

The Beast's Power Metal EP, their first recording, epitomizes the energy and passion of punk infused metal. While I would never say that The Beast are entirely a metal band, I would neither say they are entirely a punk band. For me, they reside as both, maintaining the best qualities of each; the simplicity and edge of punk and the raw power and attitude of metal. Songs like Enemy Ace and The Shape - which also appeared on the Born To Metalize split (I may upload the track from this split as well for a comparison for anyone interested) - are expertly crafted classics with all the necessary qualities needed to be perfect examples of the hybridization of the two base genres.

One of my favorite aspects of this release is the moment you first hear Scott Ruth's vocals. They cut, like glass against the sole of your bare foot or against the wrist of a suicidal drug addict. Neglecting the fact that I prefer a more traditional vocal approach, Scott's vocals are miles ahead of his Ripping Corpse vocals. Its also refreshing to hear how important the bass is in the recording. It really ties so much together. Without Jeff Gross, this EP would really deteriorate into an unpleasant and amateurish quagmire. Even with such excellent drumming on the part of Doug Ryan and wild, yet reserved, guitar playing on the parts of Jack Pitzer and Ron Ace, Jeff Gross' bass playing is vital.

Opener "The Beast" forces you straight into the release, no release, no bullshit. No, epic elongated and abstract intro with mood setting purposes. Hell, there is no mood here. No attempt at pretentiousness. While "Radical Man" passes me by, almost always completely disregarded, "Enemy Ace" demands my attention. From the opening chug, to the growing intensity up to the awesome lead before the verse, Ruth's vocals ooze tension, especially during the masterful middle section. As well as having the greatest example of perfectly panned guitar effects, the section is fierce. Aggressive vocals, perfect return to the introductory riff which, once again, builds up to a memorable solo... and the Sabbathly intro of The Shape. While another great tune, with little to complain about, The Shape on this EP is nowhere near as metallic sounding as on the Born To Metalize split.

For a release that runs the same length it takes to listen to Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner once, you are given a heaping quality of material. Hell, if I had to choose between the two, I would choose "Power Metal" over the classic Maiden track.

The Beast - Power Metal EP (1983)


Anonymous said...

please re-up this

Orion M. said...

Sure thing. Give me a few days and I'll post the rip again. Stay tuned - I'll comment again when it's reposted.

sunday said...

If you have better quality rip,than that 160kbps which is already on the Web,can you post?Thanks in advance!

Orion M. said...

My copy is a 320kbs version however it was begotten from burning the original floating 160kps rip to a cd and re-importing.