Monday, July 21, 2008

News: July

Due to recent and planned future endeavors I decided to manage my activities and allow people to see what I have been up to through a blog as opposed to a myspace or some other friend-sharing network. While there is little here at the moment I do hope that in the future months I will be able to provide some content that may be of interest to people searching the deep abyss of the world wide web. Hopefully this will be presented through interviews and album reviews.


In lieu of the completed work on Eliminator's first album. I am currently looking for interested parties in New Jersey who are looking for somewhere to do quick recording work. I am mostly interested in doing Demo's and EP's due to time constraints, however should the opportunity arise I am also willing to work on a full length. Before people begin contacting me and asking me to do symphonic shit and turning their pile of crap into a mound of gold, let me just say that I am merely a vessel to capture what talent - or lack thereof - you have. I am not going to make a terrible musician sound like Jimi Hendrix. Don't expect to receive an album sounding like the newest Dimmu Borgir or Disturbed or some other over-produced heap of refuse. My aim is help fledgling metalheads record metal as it was meant to be heard - in your face, natural, aggressive, no holds barred, thrashing, brutalizing, powerful walls of passionate art.

Interested? Want an interview? Email me at: Orion_metalhead[at]hotmail[dot]com

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