Monday, January 1, 2001

Contaminated Tones #1

Contaminated Tones #1 (2009)
Sapremia Interview
Wendess Interview
Midnight Priest Interview
Nyctophobia Interview
War Master Interview
Blackspell Article
Apolion Article

Demos reviews of War Master, Funerary Pit, Cuntopsy, Koltum, Interment / Paganfire, Borox, Decaying Citadel, Cum Sock, Fadihat, Fornication, Omega, Hymengaard, Burial Ritual, The Doom, Spewtilator and Hell's Thrash Horsemen. Also a longer review of Benighted in Sodom's In Hora Maledictus Part I. Shipping in the USA is $2.00. Email for shipping overseas. Trades welcome.

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