Saturday, March 31, 2018

CTP - 035 - I: Diseased Oblivion - A Blackened Harvest of Decomposure

Diseased Oblivion - A Blackened Harvest of Decomposure is out now. 40+ minutes of Funeral Death Noise. This is the last of the band's material to ever see the light of day. It contains tracks from what was to be their full length album which is now realized.

$6 each + shipping / $19 for 5 copies ppd.
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"I should have known... Even if this webzine is focused on death metal (It's written on the left) and other kinds of "dynamic" old school metal genres, I have released a death doom cassette, and I did some kind of industrial projects (In the past?), so finally some kind of doomy/ dark/ strange music promos landed into my mailbox.

Hopefully for my rather metallic knowledge, this release we will talk about isn't the most "misplaced" one, this isn't melodic gothic doom or quite unreviewable stuffs...

I would say the style of DISEASED OBLIVION is located between funeral doom and black doom, with "industrial" influences to appear here & there.

So this is very slow music; Rather than being crushing or monolithic the feelings are rather about sorrow or depression. Then you have industrial influences that appear "between" the tracks (With some minute longs of darkish ambient or noise stuffs), or during the songs with some drone sounds (here & there), or perhaps also these vocals that sound very low (If this is actually vocals, taken in an industrial spectrum it could sound like samples of downtuned subterranean noises, or perhaps like the vomits from a sexy tectonic fault AhAh).

Even if the musical content could be considered as extreme for the regular pop/ rock/ (metal?) listener, I found the whole rather relaxing.

Perhaps some riffs sound like the second MY DYING BRIDE album (With fewer death metal, clearly), then the arrangements on some guitars evoked a quite seriously slowed down PARADISE LOST ("Icon")... Hum, perhaps some peoples will hear similarities with SKEPTICISM, I'm not sure...

Well, the style of DISEASED OBLIVION is clearly not what I usually listen to, and the tracks could sound long for those who dig dynamic music (Well, this is doom), but I found the songs to flow quite naturally and this tape was quite pleasant to listen to." (Nihilistic Holocaust Webzine)

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